Drugs for the cardiovascular system

Drugs for the cardiovascular system

Cardiovascular system during life is subjected to high stress, and therefore the disease affecting the heart and blood vessels, today, is not uncommon. Especially acute problems manifest themselves with age. The reason for the development of ailments are often bad habits, especially sedentary lifestyle, addiction to alcohol, smoking and fatty foods. As triggers are recognized: obesity, stress, high physical and emotional stress, chronic fatigue, lack of sleep.

Diseases of the cardiovascular system

Diseases of the cardiovascular system are commonly classified according to localization:

  • pathologies affecting the heart muscle;
  • arterial and venous diseases, where one of the most serious is atherosclerosis;
  • a wide group of hypertensive pathologies and diseases affecting the system as a whole.

Specialists in cardiology centers distinguish between:

  • Congenital diseases of the cardiovascular system – malformations, defects of development;
  • Diseases resulting from infectious lesions;
  • Post-traumatic conditions;
  • Diseases arising from the negative impact of external factors, disorders of metabolic processes, etc.

There are many types of diseases in this category. This is coronary artery disease, arrhythmia, and angina pectoris. The most dangerous conditions, sometimes leading to death, are acute heart failure, myocardial infarction, thrombosis, etc. A separate group includes numerous heart defects that require immediate treatment, sometimes exclusively by surgery. Treatment of such illnesses is complex and lengthy, often for the rest of one’s life, from the moment of diagnosis with heart medication.

Drugs for the heart

Treatment of the cardiovascular system involves a complex of measures aimed at improving the general condition and well-being of the patient, eliminating life-threatening and health-threatening pathology. Depending on the type of pathology, conservative methods are used – pharmaceuticals to treat the heart, diet, physical therapy procedures, or surgical treatment. The patient is prescribed a strict diet that includes the exclusion of fatty, excessively spicy, salty and fried food. It is necessary to completely give up smoking and drinking alcohol. Physical activity (cardio exercises, including running, exercise bicycles or cycling in the fresh air, swimming or hiking) is rational, feasible, but obligatory. This is necessary to maintain tone and eliminate congestion. The level of exercise is determined on an individual basis.

Preparations for strengthening blood vessels

Drugs to strengthen the walls of blood vessels are divided into several groups:

  1. Vitamin agents – the vitamins in their composition have a beneficial effect on the overall condition of blood vessels, increasing their elasticity, strengthening the walls, as well as reducing the fragility and permeability of the capillary wall.
  2. Drugs based on biologically active substances increase vascular tone, reduce inflammation in the vascular wall, which reduces the risk of red blood cells sticking to it and prevents the formation of blood clots, also thicken the vessel walls, which reduces their fragility and permeability. Widely used for venous blood stasis.
  3. Drugs that improve cerebral circulation – improve blood supply and oxygen supply to brain tissue.
  4. Statins – prevent the formation of ischemia, reduce blood viscosity, which in turn reduces the risk of blockage of the vascular lumen by blood cells.

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