How to take drugs for potency

How to take drugs for potency

The medication for increasing the potency should be taken one hour before the planned sexual intercourse. The peak of activity of the components of the drug is usually between the first and second hour after taking the pills. The action of capsules, as a rule, is retained for five hours. As for recommendations regarding permissible doses of the drug, physicians advise not to use a dose of more than one hundred milligrams per day, that is more than one capsule.

A high dose can be taken only in case of abnormal body weight or serious erectile dysfunction. Also, for the period of taking this type of medication, it is better to refuse to drink alcohol or to study in detail the instructions of a particular drug, where the permissibility or prohibition of taking drinks containing alcohol is indicated. You can buy this type of medication at

Who is contraindicated for impotence pills 

All instructions indicate that it is not recommended to buy pills to improve potency and take them to minors or those who have serious health problems. Of course, improving potency is a good thing, but you should talk to your doctor first. Patients who are allergic to a particular component of the drug should also avoid using it.

Potency problems are familiar to most middle-aged and older men. 20-year-old lovers do not suffer from the troubles associated with a weakened erection and insufficient libido. However, after 35 years, such problems begin to make themselves felt more often. To solve them are designed here such means to enhance potency. This is a medication that affects the central nervous system by stimulating the flow of blood to the erogenous zones and increasing sexual desire.

The results of taking remedies that increase potency:

  • Increased sexual activity. It is enough to take a portion of the drug, as within half an hour there is a burning desire for intimacy.
  • Increase in erection. To the erogenous zones actively rushes blood, so the penis during intercourse for a long time is in an erect state.
  • Improve the quality of intimate life. Drugs that increase potency, exacerbate sensations. Therefore, having sex gives pleasure not only to a man but also to a woman, because she feels his activity.

Means of this category are not narcotic substances and are not addictive. However, they affect the nervous system, so before using them, you should always read the instructions, and even better – consult a specialist. You should not exceed the dosage defined by the manufacturer. If the pills to increase potency do not bring the desired result, it is recommended to consider other drugs. But using double or triple doses can be detrimental to intimate health!

Such products can be found in specialized stores, pharmacies, sex shops. You can buy them at Remember that we are talking about your health. Therefore, to buy a drug to increase potency is really high quality, we recommend ordering from trusted suppliers.