Internet dating: pros and cons

Internet dating: pros and cons

Psychologists tend to break down acquaintances into several stages: the first glance, by which two people evaluate each other; the first 10 seconds of complex evaluation of the produced impression; the first ten minutes of communication; the first hour of time spent together.

It is believed that these milestones, even if they follow one after another, step by step, and often, as in a computer game, mean the transition from one level to the next, perhaps more complicated, but nevertheless equally important for the continuation of acquaintance and development of future relationships. All the above statements are true for a situation where two people meet for the first time in real life. And what happens if two people meet in a virtual reality, for example on a Memphis singles site? More and more users are asking if there are advantages to dating online. As it often happens, and there are pros and cons of everything in the world, dating on the Web is no exception.

In real life, when we meet, we can almost always avoid the first look at each other. On the Internet, our eyes are caressed by photos. On different dating sites the placement of photos can be at will or an obligatory condition. Usually, the more serious the resource, the stricter the moderation conditions withstand the publication of images, which allows you to be sure: in the form of the person you are interested in you will see his photo, you can see the face, the photo will be really him, not a painted “avatar” and not the Italian soccer team goalkeeper Gian Luigi Buffon, the photo will not contain advertising and obscene, offensive material.

  1. Disadvantages: different people are photogenic in different ways. Some people are better than in life, but others do not look like themselves. Many people, obeying the natural desire to attract attention, are fond of Photoshop.
  2. Advantages: In life, we often feel uncomfortable openly considering people, because we ourselves feel uncomfortable when strangers “stare” at us. When we meet on the Web, comfortably seated in our favorite computer chair, in our slippers and bathrobe, with a cup of tea, we can look at the photo as long as we want. At least under the magnifying glass.

The fleeting 10 seconds of the very first general impression, formed in real life from the information that gives us almost all the senses in the first moment of acquaintance, replaces the general impression of the questionnaire on a specialized website. In life we unconsciously analyze not so much the appearance of a person (the anatomy of his face and figure) as the way he dresses (clean, careless, sloppy, unpretentious, elegant, tasteful, stylish), the state of shoes, hairstyles, nails, hand skin and so on. On the site, we are more conscious, and, as a rule, more detailed and detailed assessment of the visa application form (how filled, how decorated, straightforward and open, style and manner of presentation of information).

  • Disadvantages: most often when we first meet in the virtual world we do not hear the voice welcoming us, do not smell a new acquaintance. And the possibility to carefully think over and work out the appearance of our page deprives us of the opportunity to see a person in the moment of improvisation.
  • Advantages: sometimes a person looks good, but the smell makes it so that thank you to my computer for the opportunity not to smell the person you are talking to. In addition, the Internet gives us the opportunity to immediately get more information from the questionnaire of the person you are interested in than in real life we get even for two or three dates, not just one. And time to “digest” the available information. So you can use Ann Arbor singles sites more efficiently.